San Jose, CA, USA

------- Small Businesses -------

Consultant, advisor and founder (2006 - Present)

Supports small business owners to build and grow their businesses through incubators, boot camps, and training programs. Also, consults to empower them to balance purpose and profit, considering their impacts and goals.


  • 10 years experience building a portfolio with +70 local business in Brazil, Argentina, and the United States.

  • Entrepreneurship consultant and trainer for Centro Community Partners in San Jose, California. 

  • Founded and managed Praxis Socioambiental (2006-2017)a small business that developed social impact, environmental, and sustainability solutions for public, private & non-profit organizations.

  • Nominated in 2017 SMB owner representative by the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco. Responsible for collecting data and propose an agenda for public policies and programs to benefit expats micro and SMB.


Notes about my entrepreneurial life

My first experience as an entrepreneur was selling chicken sandwiches at school and second-hand clothes in my mother’s garage (16 years old). Even though my grandfather was an entrepreneur, no one in my family really understood and believed in my ideas and dreams.


After a few years when I launched my business Práxis Socioambiental I was prepared to deal with barriers, challenges and stereotypes.


That's why it was a natural path starting to support and accelerate small businesses around the world.