San Jose, CA, USA

As a community builder and member, I look for groups and organizations committed to  

Think and act systemically

Instill resiliency

Foster innovation

Redefine progress

Live within means

Cultivate collaboration

Embrace diversity

Inspire leadership

Continuously learn and improve

Graduated & Group Leader @ Hive Global Leaders (November 2016 - Present)

Hive is a global community of 1000+ leaders from 100+ countries dedicated to creating a better world. Through our Hive Global Leaders Program, we convene and connect CEOs, innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world. 

Alumni of the program become Hive Global Leaders and enter into a lifelong community of purpose-driven innovators working together to create a better world while supporting each other in their careers.



Volunteer @ Kiva (January 2017 - Present)


Local support for entrepreneurs in my community for the Kiva US program. Many entrepreneurs in the US struggle to access capital to launch or grow their business, and through Kiva US I can support entrepreneurs with 0% interest loans.


Silicon Valley Ambassador @ Brazilian Women Entrepreneur Network (July 2016 - January 2018)



BWEN is the largest supporting group for women entrepreneurs in Latin America and has accomplished significant results, especially in Brazil. In the past years the Network attends 50.000+ women.


As an Ambassador, my mission was to create a support ecosystem that nurtures businesses led by Brazilian women based in Silicon Valley including:
- Partnership matchmaking
- Survey about women's businesses and their needs
- Supporting projects, events and activities to increase networking, management skills and mentoring

Member @ +Acumen Corps (June 2017 - Present)

+Acumen is a diverse and united community with a burning desire to change the world. +Acumen Corps is an online, invitation-only community for our most dedicated students and community members.

Corps members are action-oriented and distinguish themselves by completing courses, leading chapters and showing up for live action challenges.

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